We @RideOnBikes at the Riverwalk this #Dadurday

Today’s journey brought exercise, fun and Market Days!

There were many firsts today and it won’t be the last.  I knew Market Day’s were going on but to see the community out and about was refreshing.  Live music, fresh produce and the smell of food in the air made the heat a little more bearable.  We are planning on coming back very soon.  Next time, we will be early.  🙂

The next first was getting to see the inside of @RideOnBikes.  I have heard so many wonderful things going on here and to be inside a hub of biking activity made me feel just a bit overwhelmed as I begin my journey to tackle the Country’s Midnight Run in August.  The store was spacious and full of nylon and light weight alloy.  And a very friendly German shepherd.

Alas, we grab our ‘rented’ bikes from @RideOnBikes with the help of Nina and a kind gentleman who we had switch out our bikes last minute because we wanted the cruiser seats.  We haven’t been on a bike in years!  Next, we gear up Gus in the trailer and my wife, Whitney, boards her bike and we set off!  🙂

Thru the Market Day’s crowd and down through CSU campus we go!

This is also our first time riding up and down the Riverwalk.

Three firsts in one Saturday morning!  Cheers to #dadurday!

Check out the biking stats here: http://runkeeper.com/user/lucaslshaffer/activity/40742897


Lucas Shaffer

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