Trying To Teach The Basics: Home Activities

Gus playing Modern Warfare with daddy

Gus and Daddy learning to wash dishes

I haven’t written in a while but I wanted to check in and report the activities Gus and I can now participate in because he is a little older.  At 2 and a half, Gus can navigate a conversation, wash dishes and know which button on the controller does what.

The big question is, “What are the most important things to concentrate on when spending time at the house?” To me, there is a urgent need to get away from the computer and put some background ‘Diego’ on and try to participate in the many motor skill related tasks that Gus is carrying around with him.

It can be anything from building blocks, vacuuming or running outside. But the most enjoyable time is washing dishes. I don’t think he fully understands that dishes eventually become clean and the need to re-wash over and over is a bit redundant.  But we continue.

I wonder what all the other parents out there are doing in the house.  I wonder sometimes if living in close quarters (aka apartments) has been a big difference in our child’s development.  I mean, he is always at arms length.  It may be a hustle but we is always talking, always bringing me things and ALWAYS in to something.

If we would’ve had a bigger space to live in I wonder where his development would be. We never put a TV in his room.  This decision was ultimately the wife’s but I agree. Shoving our son in a room to watch hours of ‘Barney’ is a nice fall back with our tablet, but it can become a bit of a crutch as we turn it into an acceptable habit.

Here is a list of some of the home activities we participate in together:

Gus playing Modern Warfare with daddy

  • Washing dishes
  • Playing Modern Warfare
  • Vacuuming
  • Picking up and trash and taking it out
  • Laundry
  • and Cooking (certain items)

We usually get stuck inside a lot due to our budget constraints but we make the most of it.

Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes I wonder if we lived in a big old house and didn’t live on top of each other, how would we be.  At this point, I think Gus is an easy 4 year old in a 2.5 year old body.  His communication is top notch and his imagination is a bit alarming some times.

Overall, teaching the basics for living at home is something I may not have had when I was young. But I am sure my parents did what they could to put these basic home activities out there for me to participate.  I enjoy spending this time with Gus and look forward to doing ‘chores’ with him.

Lucas Shaffer

I am a working father who loves to spend time with my son, Gus. I created this site to give other dads an outlet to share their adventures with their kids. I have a lovely wife, Whitney and spend most of my work time as an entrepreneur, blogger, programmer, designer and podcaster. Follow me on twitter; @lucaslshaffer

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