Starting a Tradition of Picking Out a Christmas Tree

Gus and Lucas Shaffer at the Christmas Tree

The days after Thanksgiving is now Christmas Tree day as long as I am in charge…well, in a decision making position.

Whitney, Gus and I visited a local Tree farm and found out just how hard it is to pick out the perfect tree.  I had a flashback with the Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation” movie when they were in the snow driven woods with a chainsaw.

We found a 9 footer.  It was well rounded and had a full set of limbs and everyone agreed it would look nice.

Gus did have an accident.  He was pacing through the trees trying to get around and hit a small hill.  His foot got caught and he dove, head first, into a small patch of rocks, dirt and grass.  A little bit of blood on his upper lip, mouth full of grass, a moment of surprise and brushing off his clothes and he was off again.

All together, we had a wonderful experience.  And we can’t wait to do it next year…already.  🙂  Let’s just call it a new tradition.

Merry Christmas!

Lucas Shaffer

I am a working father who loves to spend time with my son, Gus. I created this site to give other dads an outlet to share their adventures with their kids. I have a lovely wife, Whitney and spend most of my work time as an entrepreneur, blogger, programmer, designer and podcaster. Follow me on twitter; @lucaslshaffer

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