Visit to the Coca Cola Space Science Center

Coca Cola Space Science Center Columbus Georgia

What a great time for us!  I hadn’t been to the Coca Cola Space Science Center in many years and it was good to see Gus attach to just about everything including the remote controlled space dump trucks and just about every button he could see.

We tried to sit through the Omnisphere experience and it was pretty amazing.  Gus had other plans.  I have come to realize that after about 15-20 minutes of sit down time he can become a very unhappy camper.  I guess this means no movie theater yet.  Hmmph.

If you get a chance, head down there.  It’s a small admission fee but the place is pretty cool.  Not enough to eat up an entire day but just enough to bridge the gap between breakfast and nap time.


Check out the pictures below!


Lucas Shaffer

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