Visiting A Store: #Dadurday Can Have No Plans

Dadurday with Guster - Petland

I wonder the ratio of actual purchaser to browsing parent with kid.  It should be very high seeing how in one Saturday morning we ‘crashed’ several legitimate businesses to just hang out and check out the people.  Gus and I are avid people watchers.

The picture on the left is Gus and I in the Laz-E-Boy center just ruff-housing on the furniture.  I had intention to buy until I found out how much they were.  Once I discovered I wasn’t financially ready to by the super-duty recliner we promptly ‘tested’ just about every other chair in the building.

We also went to Petland (see gallery below).  This was Gus’s first time in a pet store where he could actually get his hands on the animals and he was stoked.  He saw bunny rabbits, canaries, ferrets and puppies.  Also, we go to see snakes and many types of fish.

Gus had an amazing time and I can already tell we need to go back…or purchase a pet.  Hmmmmm….

I think a puppy in the near future may be good timing.

It’s amazing where adventure can take you when you have no plans…


Lucas Shaffer

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