Remembering Why Being a Dad is Great

Normally, the first day of the weekend is Saturday.  It’s a special day for working Dads because it is our day to spend time with the family and enjoy a free day of fun.  We call it Dadurday and yesterday was a great Dadurday!

We filled Dadurday with challenge, success, excitement, and fun.  We started the day with a challenging run to support the local chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  My son, Xavier, is a Wish Kid.  If you haven’t read about him yet, he was granted a Wish to travel to Rome and receive a personal blessing from Pope Benedict XVI.  The Run for the Wishes 5K was organized by the Columbus Chapter of Make-A-Wish to raise money for granting Wishes and it was sponsored by Big Dog Running Co.  The whole family participated.  I ran while pushing Xavier in his jogging stroller, Amber (my wife) ran while pushing our 18 month old and 3 year old in the double job stroller, and our 5 year old ran along side of us.  Our 5 year old is quite the runner and this was her 3rd time running a 5K race.  This was a special race for her because she ran fast enough to claim 1st Place in the 14 and Under division.  I was certainly proud of her regardless of winning, but it was extra special to see her face when her name was called to the winner’s table.

After a great morning exercising and supporting a fantastic organization, we came home cleaned up for the next exciting part of the day.  Next on the Dadurday agenda, escape the heat by watching Disney on Ice at the Civic Center.  If any of you other Dads have little girls, then you know how much they love princesses and dancing.  Disney on Ice did not disappoint.  The only negative was that we couldn’t all sit together.  The Civic Center only allows one “normal” person to sit in the wheelchair seating.  Amber sat with Xavier and I sat with the girls.  We were just a few rows apart so it wasn’t too bad.  Xavier has helped us learn the value in adapting to any situation.  Teaching others to see the positive is one of his many gifts.  Check out the short videos below.

Disney on Ice 1 Disney on Ice 2

The day wasn’t done yet…  When we got home from Disney on Ice, the kids had another surprise waiting for them, grandparents.  My parents came down from western North Carolina to spend some time with the grandkids.  We spent some time at home recuperating from the busy day and visiting.  We had to rest a bit too because the Dadurday Fun Train had more stops to make.  A baby sitter was planned for the “twins” (Xavier and Caroline who both go to bed early).  We fed the “twins” some dinner, had bath time, and got the early birds in bed for the sitter.  Then it was time for the “big girls” to dress up for a night on the town with Mom and Dad and the Grandparents.  We loaded up and went to Downstairs at The Loft in hip Uptown Columbus.  Uptown was in full swing with lots of activities on Broadstreet including the local audition for Fox Network’s X-Factor.

This was a Dadurday to remember.  I don’t think I’ve done so much on a “day off” in a long time, but it was worth all the effort.  Today, I was so happy to be a Dad.  I got to support my son and a wonderful philanthropic organization.  I got to watch one of my daughters push herself and win a medal for her effort.  I got to be an example to my other two daughters on living a healthy and active lifestyle.  I got to see the smiling faces of my 4 wonderful children as they experienced the magic of Disney.  Finally, I got to help them appreciate their extended family with a nice and fun dinner.

It was a great day to be a Dad and it was a great Dadurday.  I can’t wait to hear how your special day was…


I'm the father of four wonderful children, a US Army Soldier and husband to the best wife in the world. I love my kids, my country and all things tech. I'm also an avid runner.

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