Deciding To Share Responsibility With My Son

Some of my family thought I was crazy when I told them I wasn’t going to put the bike together prior to Christmas morning.  I mean, I did want to see Gus’s face when the bike was ready to go and we hop on and go for a ride.

But I wanted to experience putting a bike together with Gus for the first time.  We had a blast!  Here are some pictures to share.

Gus and I spent roughly about a half hour walking through each part of the bike learning the names and way they fit together. Luckily, this bike fit together like a puzzle with several large pieces assembled.

Now we are ready to ride!


Lucas Shaffer

I am a working father who loves to spend time with my son, Gus. I created this site to give other dads an outlet to share their adventures with their kids. I have a lovely wife, Whitney and spend most of my work time as an entrepreneur, blogger, programmer, designer and podcaster. Follow me on twitter; @lucaslshaffer

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