Falling behind…

I’m a Dad that runs. I run at work in the US Army. I run for fun in marathons and ultra-marathons. I run after my four wonderful kids. I even run late from time to time. I love everything about running. I like that I can eat almost anything I want and I can drink full bodied beers without worrying about calories. I love the freedom that comes from being able to move my body for 26 miles or more. I also love that it inspires my children to live healthy lives and be runners too.

My 5 year old is already getting the bug. She’s seen me run the St Jude Marathon while pushing her older brother in his wheelchair (http://youtu.be/49i7-urzfqU). She’s even participated in her own kids marathon where she logged 25.2 miles in the months leading up to the 2009 St Jude Marathon and ran the last mile for a “marathon”.

Now she’s getting old enough to actually run at a decent pace and for enough distance that she can accompany me on some runs. We participated in a 1 mile fun run at Idle Hour Park last Dadurday and she clocked off a 9 minute mile. The other day, I was doing an 18 mile long run and I ran past my family playing at Lake Heath Park. She asked how many more miles I had left and when I told I was just about done, she climbed down from the playground and proceeded to run the last 1.25 miles with me. Needless to say, I was a pretty happy Dad.  I was happy, that is, until she started running faster than I could at that point in my long run.  She proceeded to inform me that I was getting “old and I better not fall behind”.

Having kids is great and being a great Dad makes it a labor of love. I’ll keep on running and encouraging my kids to run with me. I’ll keep it fun and hopefully they’ll keep me into my later years.


I'm the father of four wonderful children, a US Army Soldier and husband to the best wife in the world. I love my kids, my country and all things tech. I'm also an avid runner.

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